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Frank L Fenton and his brother John founded the Fenton Art Glass Co in 1905 in Martins Ferry Ohio, initially as a glass decorating company. In January 1907 the company moved to its newly-built glassworks in Williamstown and began making its own glass. One of the first to make Carnival Glass, Fenton flourished and survived all the ups and downs of the depression years and the war years, and was a thriving business for over 100 years. The company restructured in 2007 in the hope it would survive for many more years.

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Fenton Art glass 1907-2007 Warman's Fenton glass Fenton glass Fenton glass Warmans Fenton Companion Big book of Fenton glass Fenton Colors book Fenton Patterns book Fenton 2nd Edition book Fenton Burmese Fenton Milk Glass Fenton 1990s decade Big Book of Fenton Fenton Cats & Dogs Fenton Compendium Fenton 80's glass book Fenton glass book Fenton 3rd Glass book Fenton 1st glass book Fenton Art glass book Fenton 2nd glass book Fenton Fairy Lamps 2021 Fenton Special Orders 1 Fenton Special Orders 2 Fenton Rarities 1 Early Fenton Rarities

Fenton Art glass 1907-2007 (Sept 2012) by Debbie and Randy Coe. Over 3000 items over 100 years of production.
Warman's Fenton Glass (Nov 2007) by Mark Moran. Over a thousand coloured photographs for identifying Fenton glass.
Fenton Glass Made for Other Companies 1970-2005 (Nov 2006) by Carrie and Gerald Domitz. The glass made by Fenton for such companies as Tiara, Martha Stewart, Levay, Encore, Hallmark, Gracious Touch, and others, with more than 1,600 full-color photographs.
Fenton Glass Made for Other Companies 1907-1980 (Apr 2005) by Carrie and Gerald Domitz. The apecial order glass made by Fenton for such companies as L. G. Wright, De Vilbiss, A & A Sales, Beth Weissman, Edward Paul, Farber Bros., Kreske, Sears, Wrisley, AT & T, Kosercheck Bros., Duarte, Marshall Fields, Fred Meyer, Rainbow Art, RedCliff, and others.
Fenton Art Glass 1907-1939: Identification and Value Guide (June 96) by Margaret and Kenn Whitmyer. Price guide and pictures covering Fenton glass from its beginnings to the start of World War 2.
Fenton Art Glass Pettern Guide 1939-1980: Vol 2 (June 2000) by Margaret & Kenn Whitmyer. Vol 2 of a very popular book. Masses of colour pictures and clear identification guide.
Fenton Glass: the 1980's Decade (July 96) by James Measell. 170 pages of detailed information about the people, the company, and the glass they made during the 1980's. The book has 80 pages of coloured photographs featuring hundreds of items.
Fenton Glass: the Third 25 years with 1995-6 price guide (May 89) by William Heacock, who was persuaded to write this book by Frank Fenton. 158 pages cover the history of the company from 1956 to 1980, with photos and stories about the people who worked for Fenton, and 40 pages of coloured photographs. There are reproductions of catalogue pages.
Fenton Glass: the first 25 years (Dec 90) by William Heacock. 144 pages about the people, the company, and the glass they made between 1905 and 1930, with coloured pages showing hundreds of glass items.
Fenton Glass: the Second 25 years (July 80) by William Heacock. History, coloured photographs featuring hundreds of items, plus a price guide covering 1930 to 1955.

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