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Glassmaking skills were spread thoughout Europe by the Romans some two thousand years ago. There was a decline in glassmaking when the Roman Empire fell, but the city of Venice had re-established itself as a major glassmaking centre as early as 450A.D. Throughout the middle ages Venetian glass led the world, but was challenged and overtaken during the 19th & 20th centuries.

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Aureliano Toso Glass 2016 Martinuzzi at venini glass 2014 Seguso glass book 2014 Lino Tagliapietra 2012 Lino Tagliapietra 2011 Venetian Glass Lino Tagliapietra 2008 Venini glass book Murano glass Themes 2007 Murano Island Glass 2006 Lino Tagliapietra glass 2006 Seguso glass book 2006 Italian glass book Fratelli Tosso glass book Islamic Influence Venetian glass book Beyond Venice Venetian glass book Venini glass book Italian glass Italian glass book Murano glass book Murano history

  • Venetian Glass: From Modern to Contemporary (April 2009) by Marino Barovier. History of Venetian glassmaking techniques and large number of illustrations of Venetian glass. (English and Italian text).
  • Venini Glass by Franco Deboni (2007). Two volumes; updated and enlarged version of an earlier book by this author. Pictures and discussion of glass from Venini; incorporates three comprehensive Venini catalogues including the reprint of the last edition of the Venini catalogue raisonne.
  • Murano: Island of Glass (Dec 2006) by Attilia Dorigato (Director of the Murano Glass Museum). Traces the key stages in the development glass in Murano, from the Middle Ages to the contemporary world, focusing particularly on the master glass-makers of the late 20th century.
  • Murano: The Glass-making Island (Oct 2006) by Rosa Barovier Mentasti. Full of historical facts and breathtaking images.
  • Murano Magic: Complete Guide to Venetian Glass, Its History and Artists (Schiffer Art Books) (July 2007) by Carl T Gable.
  • Italian Glass: Murano to milan 1930-1970: The Collection of the Steinberg Foundation (Apr 97) by Helmut Ricke. Great color pictures and discussion of glassmaking in Italy from the 1930's to 1970's.
  • Venetian Glass: Confections in Glass 1855 -1914 (May 1998) by Sheldon Barr. A survey of Venetian glass of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Murano 1910-1970: from Decorative Art to Design (Jan 97) by Marc Heiremans.

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