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Carnival Glass is one of the most popular types of collectible glass with thousands of collectors around the world. It looks like glass with a metallic sheen, coloured in rainbows almost like the effect you get by pouring gasoline onto water. It was first made around 1907 by Fenton Art Glass, but soon afterwards it was being made by several American glassworks. Its popularity lasted until the 1920's in the USA and later in other countries. When it fell from favour, the surplus and 2nd quality products were given away as prizes at Carnivals. Hence the name!

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Non-American Carnival Glass 2006 Carwile Carnival Glass Collect Carnival Glass Art of carnival glass book Thistlewood Carnival Glass Thistlewood Carnival Glass book Carnival Glass book Best Carnival Glass Carnival Companion Northwood book Collecting Carnival glass Carnival Glass book Dugan glass book Doty Field Guide to Carnival Glass Pocket Guide to Carnival Glass Stretch glass book Warmans Carnival Glass book Imperial carnival glass book collect carnival book

Standard Companion to Non-American Carnival Glass (Jan 2006) by Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile. Covers carnival glass from Europe, Australia, Scandinavia and India.
Collector's Companion To Carnival Glass: Identification & Values (Feb 2005) by Bill Edwards & Mike Carwile.
Carnival Glass : The Magic and the Mystery (Revised version Jan 2007)(Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Glen and Steven Thistlewood
Dugan & Diamond Carnival Glass 1909-1931 : Identification & Value Guide (Dec 1998) by Carl and Carol Burns. Dugan and Diamond were major producers of Carnival Glass.
A Field Guide to Carnival Glass (Oct 98) by Dave Doty. A really excellent, easy-to-use aid to identifying carnival glass patterns.
Fenton Glass: the first 25 years (Dec 1990 with a 1998 price guide) by William Heacock. 144 pages about the people, the company, and the glass they made between 1905 and 1930. Fenton were one of the major producers of Carnival Glass in those early years. The book has numerous coloured pages showing hundreds of glass items.
Westmoreland Glass: Identification and value guide (Jun 96) by Chares West Wilson. the Westmoreland Glass company also made some carnival glass, although it was not a major part of their production.
Standard Encyclopedia of Carnival Glass 9th edition (June 2004) by Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile, an essential book with over 2000 patterns photographed in colour. There is a price guide, if a bit dated now.
Collecting Carnival glass (March 2002) by Marion Quentin-Baxendale. Revised edition, covers patterns identified by shape, colour and makers.
The Big Book of Fenton Glass: 1940-1970 (ept 1999) by John Walk. Covers the output from Fenton Art Glass Company, one of the most prolific producers of Carnival Glass over a long period.
American Iridescent Stretch Glass: Identification and Value Guide (July 98) by John Madeley and Dave Shetlar(new). Iridescent Stretch Glass is not strictly Carnival Glass, but it is very close!

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