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books on Galle glass

Emile Galle was born in Nancy in 1846 to deeply religious parent who provided him with a broad-based formal education rather than apprenticing him to the family glassware and pottery business. After much travelling, working for the glass company "Burgun, Schverer et Cie" in Meisenthal, and fighting for France in the war against Prussia (1870-71), Galle settled in Nancy. In 1871 he travelled with his father to an exhibition of the French Arts in London and in 1873 set up his own glass studio making classical forms of glass with enamelled designs. At the International Exhibition in Paris in 1878 Galle saw the work of his contemporaries such as John Northwood and Joseph Locke from England (cameo glass) and Eugene Rousseau (pate de verre) and he developed adventurous new designs for his own glass. Eleven years later at the Paris International Exhibition (1889) Galle exhibited his new types of glass, including carved cameo work and many new colours. His achievements earned him recognition in the French Legion of Honour.

Throughout the 1890's Galle won awards at international exhibitions and world-wide recognition. He was a major influence on the Art Nouveau movement. He died in 1904, still directing work on new designs. His widow continued to run the glassworks until the outbreak of war in 1914, marking all the glass sold by the works after his death with a star after the name Galle. After the 1914-18 war Emile Galle's son in law, Paul Perdrizet, re-opened the Galle glassworks with new workers and new designs, making two and three layer cameo glass with acid-etched landscape and floral designs. These were popular for some years until this company closed in 1936.

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Galle Glass book Galle Glass Lamps Galle by Garner Galle by Newark Symbolism in Art Nouveau 2014

  • The Best of Emile Galle (Oct 2014) by Emile Galle. Based on Emile Galle's own writing, the master explains his own work.
  • Galle Lamps (Dec 2013) by Alastair Duncan and Georges de Bartha. Good coverage of Galle's lamps, well reviewed.
  • Symbolism in Art Nouveau: The Work of Emile Galle (2014) Kindle edition by Zara Ellis.
  • The Art of Glass: Art nouveau to Art Deco (Sept 97) by Victor Arwas. Stunning pictures covering all the major glass producers of the art nouveau and art deco periods, including many French such as Galle, Daum Nancy, Argy-Rousseau, Leveille, Lalique, Sabino, Marinot, Navarre, and Schneider.
  • Emile Galle (1990) by Philippe Garner. Detailed information about Emile Galle's life and career, not just his glass. Well illlustrated.
  • Emile Galle (1990) by Timothy Newark. Covers Emile Galle's life story with numerous coloured photographs of his glass. There is a French and an English version of this book (get the right one!).
  • Glass: Art Nouveau to Art Deco, by Victor Arwas (1987). Old but very interesting and useful book, covering all the main French glass artists of the art nouveau and art deco period.

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