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Our selection of books below includes some recent books as well as classic favourites. Click on the book cover or title for more information.

Antique Trader Bottles 2016 Kovels Bottles Antique bottles Warman's bottles Field Guide Antique bottle digital magazine Pickets bottle guidebook Jom Beam Bottles whiskey bottles book Advertising CocaCola book CocaCola bottle book Glass bottle dumps book Devilbiss perfume bottles perfume bottle book Perfume Bottles book Commercial Perfume Bottles book Glamour Icons book candy containers for collectors cookie jar book Avon Encyclopedia sea bottles book snuff bottle book Bottle Collecting

Bottle Makers and their Marks by Julian Harrison Toulouse, first published 1971. A very comprehensive book, 2nd hand copies are available and won't cost you a lot. Well worth having.
Warman's Bottles Field Guide 2010.
Bottles: Identification and Price Guide 2016, by Michael Polak. A really useful guide to identifying your bottles and putting a value on them.
Kovel's Bottle Price List 13th Edition (May 2006) by Ralph and Terry Kovel, two very experienced and knowledgeable experts on antique bottles. A very popular book.
Official Price Guide to Bottles 13th edition (Nov 2000) by Jim Megura. One of the most popular bottle price guides, if a bit dated now.
Avon Products and California Perfume Co. Collectors Encyclopedia 17th revised edition (Sept 2007) by Bud Hastin. An essential source of information on Avon bottles covering 1886 to the present day, with 6000 pictures and a guide to prices.
Candy Containers for Collectors (Schiffer) (2007) by Debra S. Braun Over 400 color pictures of all kinds of candy containers.
Ultimate Collector's Encyclopedia of Cookie Jars, Identification & Values (Oct 2005) by Fred and Joyce Roerig.
Bottle Design: beer, wine and spirits (Oct 97) by B. Martin Pederson (ed)
Coca-Cola Commemorative Bottles: Identification and value guide (2000) by Bob and Debra Henrich. Covers 1980-1992; over 800 bottles; colour photos, descriptions and prices.
Art of Perfume: Discovering and Collecting Perfume Bottles (Oct 98) by Christie M. Lefkowith. Covers the history and art of perfume bottles 1900-1960.
Miller's Perfume Bottles: A Collector's Guide (July 2006) by Madeleine Marsh. It includes non-commercial bottles like silver-topped Victorian examples and Lalique glass as well as designs by such names as Guerlain, Chanel and Avon.
Czechoslovakian Perfume Bottles and Boudoir Accessories (May 1999; 2003) by Jacquelyne Jones-North and Ken Leach. Updated and expanded to 2003.

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