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books on French glass

Rene Lalique (1860-1945) was a French "art nouveau" jeweler and sculptor who became interested in glass in his 30's and rented his first glassworks at the age of 49 (in 1909). He became the world's leading art glass designer of the art deco period. In the 1920's and 30's his work inspired glass-makers around the world. Lalique opened his first retail salon in Paris in 1905 selling jewelry and decorative pieces, next door to the Coty perfume premises. Coty comissioned perfume bottles from his friend Lalique, so commencing Lalique's great perfume bottle business. At the Paris Exposition des Art Decoratifs et Industriels (source of the name Art Deco) in 1925 Lalque won several medals and had a whole marquee displaying his glass in the "new style".

Lalique glass is a collector's dream. It is ALWAYS marked in or on the glass and the glass made during Lalique's lifetime is marked "R. Lalique" as opposed to the post 1945 mark "Lalique". You can still buy new Lalique glass made to many of the original designs, using very high quality crystal glass, both in clear and translucent colours.

Here is our selection of books about Lalique glass. These cover some recent books as well as old classics. There are numerous books about Lalique - hope you enjoy looking.

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Lalique Forgotten Years 2016 Rene Lalique Lalique Mascots 2014 Lalique by Lalique Lalique by Knowles 2012 Lalique Perfumes and Powder Boxes 2010 Lalique at the Gulbenkian 2009 Deco Lalique 2007 Collecting Lalique Art of Rene Lalique 2006 Laliwur by Dawes 2004 Rene Lalique in French 2003 Lalique by Hodge Lalique book, jewels Essential Lalique Lalique catalogue book Warman's Lalique book Lalique book

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