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Milk Glass is a term used by glass-makers for opaque white glass. The German term is milch-glass, the Italian term is lattimo (from latte, milk) and the French term is blanc-de-lait (milk white) or verre-de-lait. It looks like white porcelain. It was first made in Venice in the 14th or 15th century, and later in just about every country that made glass. The opaque white colour is usually made with tin oxide. During the 17th and 18th centuries it was very popular, and during that period it was often decorated with enamel painting.
Semi-opaque white glass was also made using ashes of calcined bones and this kind of glass is called by names such as opal, opaline, or milk-and-water glass.
During the 19th and 20th centuries a great deal of pressed, opaque, white glass has been made, and this was often given names like vitro-porcelain (in England) or porcellein-glass (in Germany). This is the kind of white glass that is usually collected by milk glass collectors. The same manufacturers often made other colors in the same patterns, especially blue, and this has given rise to some glass experts applying the term "milk glass" to other colours in opaque glass, a contentious issue between experts.
There are not very many books specialising in milk glass, but the collector can find very useful information in books about companies that made milk glass. Look in any book on Fenton glass, Kemple glass, or Westmoreland glass and you will find sections on milk glass. Good hunting!

For more information on our selection of books below, click on the book cover or title. We have included recent books as well as some classic favourites. Good hunting!

Milk Glass Pattern Book 2011 Milk glass novelties book Fenton milk glass book Imperial milk glass Milk glass book Kemple glass book Milk glass book Hobnail Milk glass book

Milk Glass: Pattern Glass Book 1 The Blown Molded Patterns (2011) by Brad Gougeon. Covers blown molded patterns in milk glass and other colors, with the majority of patterns being from Northwood and Consolidated Lamp & Glass but other makers represented.
Milk Glass & Other Opaque Novelties (July 2007) by Douglas Congdon-Martin. Very mixed reviews - some like it but others say not good for identifying makers.
The Big Book of Fenton Milk Glass, 1940-1985 (July 2007) by John Walk. Fenton made excellent milk glass, and according to Frank Fenton they made almost every one of their moulds in milk glass at some time in their history (since they started making glass in Williamstown in 1907). There is an earlier version of this book. Good reviews.
Milk Glass: Imperial Glass Corporation (2007) by by Myrna and Bob Garrison. Very useful book for identifying milk glass.
The Milk Glass Book (July 2007) by James Slater and Frank Chiarenza. Concentrates on rare and scarce designs, leaving the rest to other books.
Kemple Glass: 1945-1970 (Apr 97) by John Burkholder and Thomas O'Conner. Kemple Glass made superb quality milk glass using mostly Victorian molds that were originally used for pressed crystal glass. They can be identified by the trademark K.
Collectors Encyclopedia of Milk Glass (Feb 95) by Betty and John Newbound. This is an old book but still valuable for identifying patterns. Hundreds of coloured pictures and extensive catalogue pages make this a useful book for the collector.
Fenton Glass: the 1980's Decade (July 96) by James Measell. 170 pages of detailed information about the people, the company, and the glass they made during the 1980's. The book has 80 pages of coloured photographs featuring hundreds of items.
Fenton Glass: the Third 25 years with 1995-6 price guide (May 89) by William Heacock, who was persuaded to write this book by Frank Fenton. 158 pages cover the history of the company from 1956 to 1980, with photos and stories about the people who worked for Fenton, and 40 pages of coloured photographs plus reproductions of catalogue pages.
Value Guide to Westmoreland Glass (June 96) by Charles West Wilson. This company made very fine milk glass and coloured glass for nearly a hundred years, from 1889 to 1985 (when it closed).

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